31 January 2017

Rethinking Reality ~

The UA College of Science launched their 11th year of community lectures with "Rethinking Reality," a 5-part series that is free to the public.  Here is the link for full info on this compelling and thought-provoking Monday night science talk series. The first lecture with Dr Keith Dienes was amazing! 


  1. This is one important reason that I miss living in a College town...to actually BE at a lecture series! It seems, however that if I can figure it out, I might be able to stream the program onto my computer....still researching this! Not the same as being there (with other like minded interested folks). Thanks so much for letting us know about this!

  2. Dear Elizabeth - There IS a podcast of it and I'm sure it's free. I am going to miss next Monday's lecture and that is how I'm going to "attend" it. Don't know how long after the lecture it will be before it is posted on their site. We'll find out! Dianne

  3. Thanks for the info..I'll keep checking the website!